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What We Do

Live ATOP Coaching SoCo Nutrition works diligently with each client to build a positive relationship that fosters honesty and trust, both in the coach-client relationship and the relationship that the client has with food.

The term “Diet” gets thrown around in many ways and is often associated with a temporary fix. Nutrition coaching isn’t about finding a quick fix. At CrossFit SoCo, we pride ourselves in our desire to teach our clients how to eat in a sustainable way. We want you to be able to learn what your body needs and, with time and teaching, be able to wean off from “needing” a nutrition coach.

Using a personalized nutrition approach, our coaches guide you through finding out what foods and amounts will help you reach your goals. You as the client, will ultimately have the ability to choose what you want to eat and what you don’t want to eat, utilizing the knowledge, help, and guidance of your coach.

This means there will not be any set foods or nutritional plans created that don’t fit into your lifestyle! We don’t tell you WHAT to eat, but rather work with you to teach you HOW to eat.

The coach-client relationship works best when it is based on honesty and trust through the process. Your transformation is your journey and we are simply here to help guide and support you along the way!

What We Offer

Optimal nutrition is a necessity to reap the benefits of the CrossFit methodology. At CrossFit SoCo we have partnered with amazing companies to educate and assist CrossFit SoCo members in obtaining optimal health and fitness through a proper nutrition program built on healthy relationships and habits.

How It Works

Step 1- The first step is to simply apply below to work 1:1 with a SoCo Nutrition Coach.

Step 2- Next, wait for an email from your selected coach with your application acceptance and link to set up your client account and set up your payment options.

Step 3- Fill out the client questionnaire with as much detail as possible. This questionnaire is detailed and lengthy, so please take your time filling it out.

Step 4- While waiting 24-48 hours for your coach to review your questionnaire, check out to read some of our coaches blogs and get a head start on increasing your nutrition knowledge.

Step 5- After reviewing your questionnaire, your coach will reach out to schedule a face to face Zoom call to further discuss your current eating habits and your goals. By the end of the call, you will have a set of actionable goals to focus on for the following week.

Step 6- Each week, on an as needed basis, you will schedule a Zoom call with your coach and submit a reflection questionnaire to update your coach on vital information about how the past week has been going with regard to eating habits and lifestyle factors. These weekly check-ins with your coach will help to hold you accountable, offer the opportunity to adjust your macro targets to help you continue to work towards your goals, and teach you as much as we can about nutrition on your journey.

Step 7- Cultivate a new, healthy mindset surrounding food that allows you to reach your goals and maintain the results and body you have always wanted!

Each client has individualized goals but the process remains the same. You may even choose to change your goals throughout your time working with us! Either way, our philosophy of building a relationship with you and educating you on healthy nutritional habits remains at the heart of what we do. We hope that you join us and take the journey towards reaching your goals with Live ATOP Coaching SoCo Nutrition!

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