Monday, August 5th


Monday, August 5th

CrossFit SoCo – CrossFit Kids


“If” races

Movement Review

Strict press-Vertical bar path


Strict press Indian run

All athletes stand in a line.

Athlete in the front of the line completes 3 strict presses, then passes their PVC to the next person.

First athlete completes a run through an obstacle course, and then enters the back of the line.

Each person in line does 3 perfect strict presses before passing the PVC pipe.

Goal: achieve a “flow” to not break the pressing line.


Lava tide:

Variation on “The Floor is Lava”

Each athlete has 5 seconds to find a new platform or perch before the lava tide comes back in. If you are caught in the lava, then you have to do 3 burpees to revive yourself.