Our Mission

To educate and assist CrossFit SoCo members in obtaining optimal health and fitness through a proper nutrition program built on healthy relationships and habits.

Rachel Holcomb Nutrition Co.

Rachel believes individualized nutrition coaching is the best way to effectively reach goals through education and accountability. Online coaching is a new and exciting way to offer health and nutrition guidance from anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility and affordability. If you want to focus on your goals while maintaining a realistic lifestyle balance then this program is for you! We will work together to build healthy habits that leave you feeling your best and strengthen your relationship with food and with yourself. Rachel’s purpose, vision and goal is to help improve the lives of others.
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Live Atop Coaching

Live ATOP Coaching SoCo Nutrition works diligently with each client to build a positive relationship that fosters honesty and trust, both in the coach-client relationship and the relationship that the client has with food. The term “Diet” gets thrown around in many ways and is often associated with a temporary fix. Nutrition coaching isn’t about finding a quick fix.
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