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At CrossFit SoCo, we are More Than Just A Gym. We believe that fitness should be fun and help you achieve your goals. We’ll help you achieve your fitness goals, one class, one workout, and one day at a time. Trust us. Your body will thank you later!

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Our daily WOD (Workout of the Day) is comprised of varied functional movements done at high intensity. In each 1-hour class, you’ll perform a group warm-up, a skill or strength session, conditioning or MetCon (metabolic conditioning) and a cool down. Every WOD is different so you will never get bored! Each workout is catered to your fitness level.
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Optimal nutrition is a necessity to reap the benefits of the CrossFit methodology. At CrossFit SoCo we have partnered with amazing companies to educate and assist CrossFit SoCo members in obtaining optimal health and fitness through a proper nutrition program built on healthy relationships and habits.
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Open Gym Colorado Springs, Open Gym Downtown Colorado Springs, Open Gym Old North End, Open Gym Old Colorado City

Open Gym

SoCo is one of the only boxes in Colorado Springs with Open Gym all day, every day. Mon-Fri, 5am-8pm, you can come in and do whatever you like. Did you miss a training session? Need to work on a skill before class? Come on in and get it done. Daily classes have priority on space and equipment but there is more than enough to go around.
Endurance Colorado Springs, Endurance Downtown Colorado Springs, Endurance Old North End, Endurance Old Colorado City


In this class, we’ll be developing explosive speed, stamina and strength. The goal is to leave you stronger, faster, and more immune to injuries. The program typically lasts 35+ minutes and uses the CrossFit methodology (Constantly Varied, Functional Movements done at High Intensity).

Team WOD

Community at its finest! For this WOD, you will pair with other athletes to perform a workout together. It is a great way to meet new friends and develop strong relationships. This hour long class includes a warm up and a challenging WOD focused on developing general strength and stamina.

Olympic Weightlifting

SoCo’s Olympic Weightlifting program is offered two days a week and is purely focused on technique and efficiency in the Clean, Jerk, and the Snatch. This class is beneficial to anyone looking to improve their Olympic weightlifting skills, efficiency, power, and speed. It’s open to everyone from seasoned competitors to newcomers who want to work on technique.

Competitor’s Class

This program runs every Saturday 7-9am. The class focuses on providing our athletes the foundation and the tools they need to succeed in competition. Open to anyone interested in competing, the class is scalable to any fitness level. Volume is moderately higher than our regular CrossFit classes.

Adaptive Training

Are you an adaptive athlete? Not an “athlete” yet, but someone with a permanent impairment looking to build strength and functional work capacity? SoCo is now offering an Adaptive CrossFit program three days per week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00am, join in with the CrossFit WOD class and work side-by-side with our CrossFit Adaptive Training certified coach! SoCo can help you train in strength, power, balance and agility, flexibility and endurance using constantly varied, functional movements, based on your specific impairment and goals.

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